Kalene Mission Hospital


As part of our vision for Kalene hospital we seek to develop a committed team of medical and nursing staff to continue providing medical care, and to help in training others.

Current vacancies.

As Kalene is a Christian-based mission hospital which provides medical care at 'almost no cost' it is unable to pay staff salaries. Expatriate and Mission Staff are required to raise their own financial support. For mission staff we appreciate, a letter of recommendation from their home church, Christian testimony and 2 contacts for references.

Zambian citizens are employed according to government guidelines and are usually paid by the Zambian government.

Administrator - a person with accounting and/or computing and/or experience in managing staff is required to help the efficient running of the hospital.
Nursing - vacancies exist for midwives and for medical and surgical nurses.
Nursing tutor - to join the team at the nursing school.
Doctors - a doctor to help the resident doctorto manage the clinical workload of the hospital. More information can be downloaded here. Information about experiences of recent doctors who spent time at Kalene can be found under articles
Dental Technician - to help establish a dental service at the hospital and throughout the Ikelenge District

Any enquiries or mail concerning vacancies can be sent to us at Opportunities

training opportunities

Medical Electives

Zambian medical students are encouraged to apply. Some knowledge of Lunda is helpful. (A number of patients in the hospital speak only Lunda.)

Medical students from countries outside Zambia are also welcome to apply. It usually takes at least a month to adjust to medicine in a rural African hospital, so we recommend that an elective here should be for a minimum of six weeks. Students who do longer electives learn more and get a lot more out of the experience. Some recent elective reports can be found under articles

Opportunities to come to Kalene will depend on the availability of staff to supervise electives. Becuase of the current shortage of medical staff there will be no elective openings in the first part of 2013.