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Anaesthesia where there is no pressure:
A novel set-up for delivering anaesthesia in a remote setting
Bonnett PD and Wrench I

Investigating and managing infertiity in a low resource settiing:
Incidence of tubal factor infertility in a rural Zambian population
Bonnett TJ and Woodfield JC

Obstetric ultrasound traiing for midwives in a resource-poor setting
Bonnett TJ, Roberts AL and Houlden EM


New Theatre Block for Kalene Hospital
Dr John Woodfield, Paul Hannay

One year at Kalene Hospital
Blog site of Drs Phil and Tess Bonnett

Surgical experiene gained while working at Kalene Hospital
Dr Chris Houlden. This is a presentation to the Welsh surgical society, and therefore contains a number of clinical photos

Building a Mortuary at Kalene Hospital
Website Editor, UK Zambians

Medical Elective Report
Heather Parry, Medical Missionary News, Autumn 2012


Medical Elective Report
Mark Lethby

Medical Elective Report
Mike Russell

Mosquito FM
A video by Paul McNeill about malaria in Zambia, with a focus on the area around Kalene. Put on youtube in 2010 but recorded at an earlier date


Bryndwr Visit, 2010
David and Ruth Anderson

Student Nurses at Kalene Hospital, Zambia
Angela Hannay, Medical Missionary News, Spring 2010

The new generator at Kalene Hospital
Paul Hannay, Medical Missionary News, Spring 2010

Serving in 'the Beloved Strip': A Century of Missionary Activity in Mwinilunga District, Zambia
Iva Peša, Brethren Historical Review, 6, 74-90


Report on the Distribution of ITN which were donated to Kalene Hospital by the Against Malaria Foundation
Dr John Woodfield, September 2009

The Future of Mission Hospitals in Central Africa
Dr John Woodfield, Echoes of Service, April 2009


Bedlam in the Blood: Malaria
National Geographic feature, July 2007
There are many references to and photos of Kalene Hospital in this article

Radiology upgrade for Kalene Hospital
Donations of equipment and time

A Tribute to Dr. Jef Mortelmans


Newsletter on the Zengamina Hydro Scheme
NWZDT, December 2006

A Training Hospital for Central Africa
John & Rachel Woodfield, NZ Treasury, December 2006

Zengamina Hydroelectric Project Zambezi Rapids, Zambia
Geoff Stark, NZ Treasury, October 2006

Kalene Mission Hospital, Zambia - a Brass Tacks Perspective
Colin Breeze, Echoes of Service, May 2006

Something Good Must Get Better
Dr Viv Davies, Echoes of Service, May 2006


God's Perfect Timing
Dr Peter Gill, Echoes of Service, May 2005

Zengamina hydro power project, a dream come true for North-Western
Potipher Tembo, Times of Zambia July 2005

Suspected witches find refuge in Kaleni hills
Potipher Tembo, Times of Zambia July 2005