Kalene Mission Hospital

Medical Mission Network

The Christian Brethren (CMML) mission work in central Africa covers an area encompassing eastern Angola, north west and northern Zambia, and the south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This work began 100 years ago, and has resulted in over 2000 churches being established as well as a number of hospitals and health clinics (see purple boxes on map).

Missions Map

The medical work provides a practical demonstration of God's love, and has been a part of the witness and work of the church for many years. It has also given many people an alternative to the remedies of traditional medicine and relying on witch doctors when traditional remedies and an alternative to the threats and fear that are so often associated with animism and witchcraft.

A series of hospitals were built, and many of these are continuing to provide essential medical care today. In North West Zambia there are four hospitals at Chitokoloki, Chavuma, Loloma and Kalene and additional clinics include Dipilata (large maternity workload) Lukolwe and Nyangombe. In Northern Zambia the medical work includes Mambilima Hospital and a health clinic at Lwela. Medical mission work in Angola and DRC has been compromised by civil war, but in spite of this the work has gone on. Hospitals in Congo include those at Mulongo, Kasaji and Lunaza, a nurse run hospital at Katoka and the recently reopened clinic at Mitwaba. In Angola a hospital has been opened at Luena. Another evangelical hospital in the NW province of Zambia, with which we have a good working relationship, is Mukinge Hospital (Evangelical Church of Zambia).