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Kalene Hospital, in the North West Province of Zambia is in the geographpical territory occupied by the Lunda people. The area of the kingdom of the Lunda people extends across three counties, and is mainly in the North West Province of Zambia, the Katanga province of the DRC and the Moxico province of Angola. The primary language of many people who live in the area around the hospital, or who visit the hospital form further away, is therefore Lunda. Because of the difficulty obtaining good information about the Lunda people and Lunda language we have put together this resource page. This provides links to some website of interest and to some language resources that we have used at Kalene. If anyone has any suggestions or additional information they are welcome to contact us through the administrator at Kalene Mission Hospital.

Hospital Lunda Phrase Book

Lunda Chiefs Chief Nyakaseya (left) and Chief Nyilamba(right) inspecting the new operating theatre (Click for larger image)

This phrase book is a good introduction to Lunda for visitors coming from outside Africa to work at the hospital. This work summarises language lessons held by Mr Paul Fisher from Hillwood farm with doctors visiting the hospital in 2011 and 2012. The phrase book was put together by Emma and Chris Houlden and by Tess and Phil Bonnett.

Powerpoint Presentation looking at the structure of the Lunda Language

Soon we hope to upload a presentation for those with a linguistic bent. It is put together by Mr Barry Haigh, who is a missionary at Nyangombe and was a member of the Lunda Bible Translation team. This formed the basis of a week of Lunda languge lessons held at Kalene in 2011. The presentation extends from first steps in the Lunda language to advanced Lunda. The colour coding and the audio make this an accessible and helpful linguistic tool

Tracts in Lunda

Lunda Children Lunda Children

The Four Spiritual Laws in Lunda (Campus crusade for Christ) have been downloaded into one document and are available for use by all.

Tracts for Lunda young people addressing issues around sexuality and HIV are also available. Translation work was done by Mr Paul Fisher and Mr Bruce Mukwatu:
Young Man glorify God with your body
Young Lady glorify God with your body

Lunda Audio Presentations

The Global Recordings Network has recorded several examples of Bible teaching in the local Lunda dialect. These can be accessed here. In addition the Jesus Film is available in Lunda here.

We hope to add more links as we find them.

Websearches to Lunda language resources

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