Kalene Mission Hospital


Proposed Projects

Building a Staff Hostel

One of the main factors limiting the development of the hospital over the last few years has been the lack of accommodation. Kalene Mission Hospital is in a very rural location, and is surrounded by village communities. The mission is the only place in the area with both electricity and running water, meaning that there is very limited quality accomodation available for newly posted qualified staff to rent. As it is not possible to build a new house every time a staff member is posted, this has meant that a number of assigned staff have not been able to come to Kalene. Part of the tragedy of this (for the hospital) is that the wards have been short staffed and that the new high dependency ward cannot be opened. The housing situation has therefore made the recruitment and retention of an adequate number of qualified staff a major challenge.

The proposal to improve accomodation on site is to build a hostel which will comprise of 10-15 individual living areas. Each living area would include a living room (with a small kitchenette towards the back of the room), a bedroom, and an ablutions room with a toilet and shower. An initial sketch can be seen here. Further plans will be posted as they come to hand.

The mission has worked hard to secure sufficient funds for this project. We have recieved some funds from overseas, but applications that have been made within Zambia have not yet been successful. Updates on this project will be posted when available.