Kalene Mission Hospital

Introduction to the Hospital

Kalene Mission Hospital is a mission hospital, the district hospital for the Ikelenge District and a first level referral hospital. This was established to provide medical and spiritual care of patients and their families within a Christian environment. It was commenced in 1905. Services offered have expanded over the years. Currently the hospital has approximately 180 inpatient beds and provides medical, surgical, paediatric and obstetric services.

Ross Pettigrew has recorded this tour of the Hospital


Kalene Hospital is in a remote rural location in the northern part of Mwinilunga district in the North-western Province of Zambia. It is close to the borders of Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo. The nearest established town is Mwinilunga, 80km away, and is reached by unsealed road. The nearest Second level hospital is at Solwezi, which is approximately 385km away.


Kalene Hospital serves a local population of 44,000 Zambian citizens in the north-western corner of the country. However the hospital also provides medical care to many patients who live outside our catchment area, with patients often travelling up to 300km. This includes patients from Angola and Congo as from within Zambia.


Kalene Hospital is in Chief Nyakaseya's area. It is surounded by many traditional Lunda villages.

Typical photos from the area are shown in Pictures from around Kalene (2.9MB, PDF).
Dr Woodfield has also taken some photos of the views, plant and animal life on Kalene Hill. You can download a pdf document containing these here. (2.5MB)

Dave Thorp (Brass Tacks) has posted a photo collection or two of Kalene and nearby on the photo sharing site Flickr. Click here and here to see these.

Rebecca Stitt created this video while living in Mavunda, a local village.


Fresh water is supplied by a gravity-fed system from a small reservoir. 24 hour electricity is supplied by the Zengamina Hydroelectric project in the Zambezi river. There is a generator that automatically turns on when the power supply is interrupted, resulting in the hospital now having effective 24 hour power.

Vision Statement

A community where all people are healthy and uphold Christian values

Mission Statement

TB Education TB Education near Kalene (Click for larger image)
The mission and purpose of Kalene Mission Hospital is to provide medical care for the population served by the hospital, and a forum to communicate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Within the constraints of available resources, we strive to maintain the highest possible standards of medical care and a supportive Christian atmosphere.


To provide quality care for the love of God and humanity


All roads in the Kalene area are unsealed. Mail is collected from Post Office Box in Ikelenge. The hospital has an internal telephone system. There is cell phone coverage at the hospital. The hospital is privileged to have the nearby emergency evacuation services of the CMML flight service based at Kalene.


The hospital has five wards ( maternity ward with delivery suite, men's, women's, children's and a nutrition ward). Other areas include the operating theatre, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and outpatients.