Kalene Mission Hospital

Bryndwr Visit, 2010

David and Ruth Anderson

On December 14,2010 a group of 13 from Bryndwr Chapel in Christchurch, NZ arrived at Kalene Mission to a very warm welcome. In the team there was a mixture of ages and abilities, from young children to grandparents. Our purpose in coming was to be involved in a building project and help in any way we could.

The men completed the brick work and roof of a clinic for HIV/Aids in the three weeks we were there. Other activities we were involved with included repairing equipment in the hospital, sewing theatre hats etc., visiting and playing with the many children on the children’s ward, speaking at evening services to relatives of patients in the hospital and joining the Harvesters young people in their sports outreach programme. The enthusiasm of the young people at Kalene was really encouraging to see and be a part of.

Childrens programmes were run in three different villages with hundreds of children coming and listening respectfully as Bible stories were told, memory verses taught and games played.

Three days were spent, by the ladies, at Hillwood Orphanage helping Esther sort out the nursery school area.

We were privileged to join in the prayer times, singing evenings, carol singing at the hospital and other times of fellowship. Boxing day was a highlight when we shared an amazing Christmas meal with all the missionaries at Kalene.

The three weeks we were there went so fast. We all felt so welcome and part of the mission that some of us had tears in our eyes as we said goodbye.

What an amazing time we had and an incredible insight into what is happening on a day to day basis in this part of Zambia
David and Ruth on behalf of the team