Kalene Mission Hospital

Student Nurses at Kalene Hospital, Zambia

Angela Hannay
(Medical Missionary News, Spring 2010)

At the end of 2008, my husband Paul and I both felt the Lord was showing us it was time to move on from Chengelo School, Zambia where we had worked for four years. We said goodbye and in January 2009 and travelled to the N.W. Province to visit Kalene Hospital. We were seeking the Lord as to where he wanted us next. We had planned to go to Kalene for a few weeks but this turned into five months before we eventually visited Katoka in Congo for three months, and then returned to Kalene.

While we were visiting Kalene I was also told of the need for someone to work with the students. I was introduced to them and asked to lead their devotions three times a week. While doing this I saw a need to arrange some recreational activities for them too. We invited them to our house on a few occasions for pizza and with the help of short term workers, had some fun and games. I was also able to arrange a few outings for those unable to go home over Easter. We took them to Sakeji School for a picnic, swimming in the pool and we also climbed Kalene Hill.

Students on Kalene Hill
Students on Kalene Hill
Students in front of hospital

There are twenty seven second year and forty first year students; their ages range from eighteen to forty four. The school of nursing is residential, so they are away from their families even if they are from the local village and can only go home at specified times. This can make it very hard for those who are married with families.

If a student fails an examination they are allowed to re-sit it but if they fail the re-sit they are sent home until the next intake, when they can restart. When four mature students failed their theory examination the first time and had to re-sit I was asked by the principal to be there for them when he announced the results. It was a very hard time but they all appreciated the time I spent with them, encouraging them and praying with them. The Lord gave me a verse which really encouraged them, and they all went on to pass their re-sit examinations. We really praised God.

Now that we are back at Kalene I will continue to seek to help the students through the stressful times when they have examinations, through prayer and just being there to support them. It has been a privilege to build up good relationships with the students, and many have come to me for advice and prayer. There is a need for someone to help provide pastoral care for the students. The younger students often want to talk about relationship issues. There have also been times when students have been sent home because of disciplinary reasons. This affects all the students, as they are very close friends. Both the student who is sent home and those left behind need counselling.

Second year students at the Hannays' home
Second year students at the Hannays' home

All the students also need to be challenged and encouraged to be nurses with integrity. Some of them are Christians but many are not, so I have a very privileged position working with these students. Please pray that I will develop a close relationship with the students God entrusts into my care and that I might be able to witness to them and help them in their relationship with Christ.