Kalene Mission Hospital

The new generator at Kalene Hospital

Paul Hannay
(Medical Missionary News, Spring 2010)

We want to thank all those involved, especially at MMN (Medical Missionary News), for the recent delivery of a stand-by generator for Kalene Mission Hospital, Zambia.

The Generator being unloaded
The Generator being unloaded

I recently installed this stand-by generator and associated transfer panel which means that Kalene Mission Hospital now has a constant supply of electricity. Kalene is served by Hydropower supplied by Zengamena on the nearby Zambezi River. During the wet season we get many power outages due to thunderstorms. There can be as many as three storms a day. As a result, these storms hit the overhead power lines and trip the Hydro equipment, or the power has to be turned off by the Hydro staff to prevent lightning damage to the very sensitive monitoring and generating equipment at the Hydro.

Because of the advent of twenty four hour power through the Hydro plant, sicker patients are receiving more complex treatment, resulting in the patients and staff have become reliant on this electricity, which helps to run for example incubators for premature babies. But the main advantage is in the operating theatre. They need a reliable and constant supply to run all that is needed to perform a successful operation. Now with the provision of the stand-by generator, which starts automatically within five seconds of a power outage, there is a reliable and continuous supply of electricity to the hospital. Once mains power returns, after a stabilising period of two to five minutes, power is restored to the mains electricity and the generator stops until needed again, maybe a few hours later.